About Me

Paula Powell MS, LMFT



I earned a Bachelors Degree in Psychology and a Masters Degree in Marriage and Family therapy. I interned at a Community Mental Health Center where I was employed following graduation for six years. It was at this CMHC that I gained experience working with a variety of issues and the severity of those Mental Illnesses and issues. I worked in a general practitioner capacity while at CMHC. Now that I am in Private Practice, I work primarily with adults and couples. I have a passion for working with couples who are struggling to understand the complexities of marriage, reignite the compassion and passion in their marriage, or to dissolve the relationship respectfully. I have also worked with divorced individuals who want to co-parent effectively and respectfully.  I work with individuals who are making difficult life decisions to serious emotional problems. I am systemically trained and apply this frame of perspective to my work with individuals and couples. This means that I don’t simply look at the issue in a bubble; but rather broaden the system by thinking about the brain, the family or origin, the attachment aspect of individuals, the sequence of events that led to the problem, the way individuals respond interpersonally, and so forth to better understand the problem in order to address it appropriately. It is because of this systemic frame of thinking that I do not believe that one model fits all individuals and couples.